Sex Crimes

Being accused of a crime that is sexual in nature, is a troubling, embarrassing and life changing experience. If you have been accused of a sexually related office it is important that you contact an experienced defense attorney immediately. Anthony Rickman, Esq. is skilled and experienced in repressing his clients in both State and Federal Court who have been charged with a sexual offense.

Based on the nature of the charge, a person accused of a sexually related offense will likely suffer consequences above and beyond just the criminal accusation. Often times allegations of sexual misconduct are fabricated, exaggerated, and motivated by other reasons. If you are accused of a sex crime it is important to act quickly and hire an attorney who has the knowledge, skill, and experience to fight against these accusations. Attorney Anthony Rickman is aggressive and diligent in fighting your charge and the accusation against you before you ever step foot in a courtroom. Often times he is able to get the state to drop the charges and allegations against you before it ever gets to court. If you are under investigation, or contacted by the police regarding an allegation that is sexual in nature. It is important to know your rights before making any statement to law enforcement. If you have been contacted by law enforcement, had a warrant executed on your residence, or accused of a sex offense, Contact Anthony Rickman for a free consultation.

Once a sexually related charge has been brought against you, it is important to here an attorney who has the courtroom experience to fight against these accusations. Anthony Rickman has the experiences skill and knowledge to represent you in all stages of your criminal case. In analyzing your case, Mr. Rickman will look at the nature of the accusation, the credibility and reliability of the witness. Using his skills that were learned as a prosecutor and perfected as a defense attorney, Anthony will be provide you with the top notch representation needed to poke holes in the stats case and achieve a favorable outcome.

Often in sex cases law enforcement uses techniques that may be illegal or in violation of your rights. Through his experience and knowledge Mr. Rickman will be able to look at the conduct of law enforcement to determine if you were the victim of police entrapment, illegally searched, illegally detained or illegally questioned. If your rights have been violated by the police who are conducting your investigation then your case may be dismissed. If you have been accused of a sex offense it is important that you contact Anthony Rickman for a Free Consultation.

Case Results

Two Felony Charges & Four Misdemeanors Dropped

The Client was originally charged with three Felony counts of Fleeing and Attempting to Elude a Police Officer, Battery on a Leo, and Possession of a Controlled Substance. Along side the three felony counts, he was
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Felony Possession Charge Dismissed & DUI reduced to reckless

The Client was charged with Driving under the Influence alongside a Felony Possession charge. After thoroughly reviewing the case, Defense was able to get possession charge dismissed and get the State to agree to reduce
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