DUI Defense

One of the worst experiences a person could have is being pulled over and accused of DUI. If you have been accused of a DUI you were probably stopped for weaving, swerving, speeding, another alleged traffic infraction, or involved in an accident. After being stopped by an officer you were taken from your vehicle and asked to perform feats of balance while an officer stood over your shoulder and analyzed your every step without really telling you what to do or how to do it. While not considering your nerves, your balance problems, your fatigue, your medical conditions and your mental state you were then told by that officer that you performed poorly on these roadside tests placed in handcuffs and arrested. After being whisked away to the jail you were sat in front of a machine and asked to blow repeatedly or simply refused to take a breath test. Your license was then taken from you and you were placed in a cell until the next morning. After your release from jail you wondered whats next, how can I fight this charge, should I fight this charge, how can I fight this charge, or what can I do……Call the Rickman Law Firm

If you have been arrested or charged with Driving Under the Influence it is important that you hire an attorney who can aggressively and effectively fight against the State’s accusations; an attorney who will be accessible to answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire Court process. Attorney Anthony Rickman, excels in repressing clients charged with DUI. Anthony Rickman utilizes his skills learned as a DUI prosecutor and perfected as a DUI Defense attorney to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients. As a Top rated DUI Lawyer in Florida by the NAFDD Mr. Rickman has a proven track record of favorable results for his clients accused of DUI.

Whether you’re facing a first time DUI conviction or multiple years in jail, your case is too important not to get the best legal representation. When hiring a DUI attorney it is important that you hire one who will go to Court and fight for you in front of the Judge and/or Jury. Mr. Rickman is a skilled and experienced, in repressing his DUI clients in all stages of their cases. As a proven litigator, Mr. Rickman has tried over 50 DUI case before juries. Anthony has also successfully argued countless motions before judges that ultimately resulted in his client’s DUI charge being dismissed. These motions involved the the unlawful stop of his client’s vehicle, the improper administration of Field Sobriety Exercises, the faulty breath/blood test, and violations of his clients miranda rights. If you feel that you were wrongfully stopped by the police, unlawfully questioned by the police, or your rights were violated during the officer’s investigation contact the Rickman Law Firm Immediately for a free consultation.

If you have been arrested for a DUI your license may be suspended for a period of 6 months if you blew over a .08, 1 year if you refused to take a breath test, or 18 months if you have previously refused a breath test. DO NOT DELAY, contact Anthony Rickman to assist you in getting your license back and fighting your DUI charge.

Case Results


The Client was being investigated by law enforcement for Vehicular Homicide after the Client was involved in an accident which resulted in the death of a passenger. Attorney Anthony Rickman was in communication
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The Client was arrested for DUI in Pinellas County after law enforcement located the Client at her residence hours after involvement in an alleged accident. Law enforcement claimed the Client appeared intoxicated and arrested her.
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The Client was charged with Driving Under the Influence and refused to submit a breath test. Attorney Anthony Rickman was able to get the State to reduce the DUI to Reckless Driving.
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