First DUI Mandatory Sanctions

  • arrowAdjudication
  • arrow12 months probation (can early terminate, approximately $50/month)
  • arrowDUI school
  • arrow50 community service hours
  • arrow$500 fine
  • arrowCourt costs (approximately $350)
  • arrow10 day immobilization
  • arrow6 month license suspension

Case Results

Battery Charge Dismissed

The Defendant was charged with committing battery on his then girlfriend. It was alleged that the defendant grabbed her took her out of the car and pushed her to the ground. After providing the State
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State Dropped DUI Charge

The Defendant was charged with DUI after a crash.
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DUI Hillsborough County-Dropped

The Defendant was charged with DUI after a traffic stop. After performing the exercises, the Defendant was arrested for DUI. The Defense was able to get the State to reduce the DUI to a Reckless
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