Mandatory Sanctions – 2nd Within 5 Years of First Conviction

  • arrow10 Days Jail
  • arrow12 months probation
  • arrowCommunity Services Hours
  • arrow$1000fine and approximately $350 in court costs
  • arrow5 Year Drivers License Suspension (1 year of no driving followed by 4 years of hardship)
  • arrowIgnition Interlock Device (1 year subsequent to suspension) Approx 250 to install and $75 / month
  • arrow30 day immobilization
  • arrowDUI School Level II

Case Results

Sexual Battery Charge Dropped

The Defendant was charged with Sexual Battery. After months of investigation, research, depositions, and court hearings the Defense was able to get the State to drop the charges against the Defendant.
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DUI Dropped to Reckless Driving

The Defendant was stopped for making an illegal turn. After he was asked to perform field sobriety test, he was arrested. The Defense was successfully able to argue since he had refused a breath test.
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The Client was charged with Driving Under the Influence and blew a .100. Attorney Anthony Rickman was able to get the State to reduce the charge from Driving Under the Influence to Reckless Driving.
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