Criminal Defense

Being arrested, accused, or investigated for a State or Federal Criminal Charge is a troubling experience. If you have been arrested, accused or believe you are being investigated for a crime, it is important that you hire an attorney with the experience, knowledge, and skill to aggressively defend you, and fight for your freedom. Who better to defend you against the Government’s accusations than a Former Prosecutor. Anthony Rickman, a former prosecutor and President of the Rickman law firm is the Attorney you can trust to defend you against the Governments accusations.

Attorney Anthony Rickman has the skill, knowledge, ability, and experience to aggressively and capably defend you against the accusations of the Government. With over ten years of experience practicing Criminal Law, Mr. Rickman has tried hundreds of cased before Judges and Juries, argued thousands of motions throughout the State of Florida, and negotiated countless favorable resolutions in a wide array of criminal cases. Anthony’s ability in the courtroom has resulted in Not Guilty verdicts before Juries and Judges, the dismissal of charges and the suppression of evidence. Mr. Rickman’s ability in and out of the Courtroom is exemplified by his many awards and recognitions including his 10 star rating on AVVO, and his AV preeminent rating (the highest rating an attorney can receive) from Martingale-Hubble.

Attorney Anthony Rickman, President of The Rickman Law Firm has successfully represented clients charged with a wide array of crimes including but not limited to Serious Felonies, Federal Offenses, Murder, White Collar Crimes, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Sex Crimes, Child Pornography, Child Abuse, Manslaughter, Gun Related Offense, Assault, Battery, Theft, Fraud, obstruction of Justice, Burglary, DUI Manslaughter, Leaving the Scene of an accident and countless other felonies and misdemeanors.

One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make once they are accused, arrested or under investigation for a crime is delaying in hiring an attorney. Often times Mr. Rickman is able to work with his clients, the police and the State before charges are ever brought, or officially filed so that his clients never experience the Criminal Justice court system. If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in State or Federal Court, don’t delay contact Anthony Rickman for a free consultation.

Case Results

Leaving the Scene of an Accident-Not Guilty

The Defendant was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after a vehicle belonging to her had been driven into a home. At trial, the Defense was able to show that there was no
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Aggravated Stalking and Burglary Charge Dismissed

The Defendant was charged with breaking into his girlfriend’s home and stalking her. The Defendant was not arrested for about 8 years after the incident. The Defense filed a motion to dismiss the charge due
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Hillsborough County Drug Charge Dismissed

The Defendant was charged with Possession of Meth after officers found a baggie inside her purse that contained the substance. The Defense was able to successfully get all charges dismissed.
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