Can a DUI Defense Attorney Protect My Teen’s Future?

When raising your children, you did everything to put them on the path toward success and happiness. You don’t want to see their hopes and dreams come crashing down if they are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Thousands of people are arrested for DUI each day including friends, family, neighbors, and even teenagers. Although most teens who are charged with DUI don’t have to serve time in county jail, a DUI can have severe consequences on a teen’s future. If your child has been charged with DUI, consult a DUI defense attorney in Tampa to help protect your child’s future.

Background Checks Limit Success

Most employers perform background checks on potential applicants before committing to a hire. Felony and misdemeanor DUI convictions will raise red flags during a background check, therefore, decreasing your teen’s chances of landing a new job. If your teen plans to attend college, having a DUI conviction on their record could also create problems when applying for financial aid. Additionally, the college admissions process will note any convictions on an applicant’s criminal record. Even if your teen manages to obtain a job and enroll in school, they will need to find a landlord who is willing to overlook their conviction if they want a place to live.

The Increased Cost of Living

If you don’t consult a DUI defense lawyer in Tampa and your teen is convicted of DUI, their automobile insurance rates will likely be hiked significantly. Since people who are convicted of DUI are relegated to the “high-risk” driver funnel. Insurance rates can double or even triple for several years, resulting in a substantial financial burden on your teen. And that’s following the revocation of their driver’s license.

Teenagers convicted of DUI can have their driver’s license revoked for up to two years. This means simple tasks like running errands or going to work will require your teen to utilize public transportation, cabs, or rides from friends family members to get from place to place. The cost of transportation for teens with DUI convictions can be steep. Plus, these forms of transportation are less reliable than owning a car which means your teen could be fired if they show up to work late.

Professional and Personal Relationships

Your teen might have done everything right until the fateful night they decided to drive under the influence; then, everything changed. A DUI conviction can send shockwaves through their network of professional and personal relationships. DUI convictions are often highly publicized. If your teen is employed or interning for a company, they could lose their position after being arrested for DUI. Your teen’s reputation will be significantly affected. In addition, a DUI can put a strain on a family and leave you feeling helpless with a teenager who is frustrated and anxious.

If your teen has been arrested for DUI, do not hesitate to contact a DUI defense attorney in Tampa to see what steps you can take to protect your child’s future.

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