‘Tis the Season for DUIs

Every year, over one million people are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. Even more troubling, annually, over 1,000 automobile accidents involve fatalities that were caused by a driver under the influence. With a lot of holiday cheer this December, the number of impaired motorists on the roadways increases significantly. If you are pulled over and above the legal limit, you will be arrested. If your bad decision to drink and drive results in a fatality, you will need the services of a manslaughter defense attorney in Tampa.

Holiday Cheer

Of the near $50 billion profit margin the distilled spirits industry earns every year, a quarter comes from the timeframe of Thanksgiving to the New Year. Here are a few reasons why people drink during the holidays:

  • Family Get-Togethers: For better or for worse, many family members who only see each other once a year celebrate by drinking alcoholic beverages.  
  • Corporate Parties: Celebrating another successful year with your co-workers is quite common and often involves a lot of libations.
  • New Years Parties: The biggest drinking night of the year requires law enforcement to set up DUI checkpoints to catch drivers under the influence.
  • Other Events: Whether it’s watching football games or stopping by a restaurant bar in a mall to avoid the crowds, many people taking time away from work will indulge in more alcoholic beverages than normal.  
  • Depression: For those missing loved ones or dealing with financial issues during the holiday season, drinking can seem like a short-term solution to their problems.  

Three Tips to Avoid Drinking and Driving This December

Holiday binge drinking combined with more people out at night on the roadways results in more drunk driving fatalities than any other time of the year. Here are a few tips to help you avoid spending the holiday season in the slammer:

  • Celebrate Sober: Anyone who is getting behind the wheel should either not drink or have a sober friend chaperone them around town. If you do decide to have a drink or two, please make certain to eat plenty and also drink a lot of water over the course of the evening.
  • Invest in a Driver: With several ridesharing applications on your smartphone or the traditional taxi service, there is never a reason to get behind the wheel after drinking.
  • Promote Safety: Many individuals participate in binge drinking during the holiday season because of peer pressure. Always promote safety first and never let a loved one drive if you believe they are under the influence.   

Don’t deck the prison halls with DUI arrests, drive safe and sober this December.
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