Tips to Protect Yourself During a Federal Investigation

Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show that federal crimes are on the rise, which means more people may be under investigation. If you find yourself being questioned by federal investigators, it’s important to remember that the investigators are not on your side, no matter how friendly they may attempt to appear. Protecting yourself may seem difficult, but with a few simple tips you may stand a better chance of avoiding self-incrimination.

In this brief article, we spoke with an experienced federal defense attorney in St. Petersburg from the team at The Rickman Law Firm to learn tips to protect yourself during a federal investigation.

Tip 1: Avoid Posting About the Case or Investigation on Social Media

For many people, social media has become somewhat of a diary or place to vent frustrations. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even sites that seem more anonymous like Reddit, it can be one of the first places where people accidentally leak information or self-incriminate. For example, imagine that you are under a federal investigation for tax fraud. If you have posted photos online of large purchases you made with funds that were not reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or if you possibly even vent that you are being investigated, this can potentially harm your case.

Instead, keep in mind that not everyone following your social media feed has your best interests at heart and limit the amount of information you are sharing during the investigation. This can be one of the most simple, yet important, tips.

Tip 2: Keep All Documentation and Do Not Destroy Anything

In movies like Wolf of Wallstreet, you can find companies and even individuals quickly shredding or burning documents before the investigators have the chance to seize them. This might seem like the more dramatic answer to your problem if you are facing an investigation, but it is not the right answer (no matter how much Hollywood makes it seem so).

In order to prove your innocence, you will need to keep as much documentation as possible, especially if you suspect that your documentation will be requested by investigators through a search warrant or subpoenaed (demanded by the court). Further, destroying documentation may lead to additional charges, such as obstructing justice, tampering with evidence, or worse.

Tip 3: Hire an Experienced Attorney

The most important step in protecting your interests during an investigation of any kind is to hire the best federal criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg with The Rickman Law Firm. Your attorney will help you understand the best possible defense if you are charged, but taking it a step further they will also advise you during the investigation to protect your rights.

For a free consultation with the best federal criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg, please contact The Rickman Law Firm today.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.


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