The Lives Destroyed by Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is a relatively common crime that can have monumental consequences for transgressors and victims alike. DUI manslaughter occurs when someone driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs causes an accident that leads to the death of a pedestrian, passenger, someone in another vehicle, or any combination of the three. In this brief article, a manslaughter defense attorney in Tampa will discuss the many lives destroyed each year by drunk driving.   

Those That Have Passed

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 30 people in the United States die in drunk driving crashes every single day, or one person every 48 minutes. This equates to 10,000 deaths per year and $44 billion in damages. In 2017, there were 10,874 deaths from drunk driving, 220 of which were children under the age of 14. These are all eye-opening numbers, but they can never fully account for the emotional devastation that is brought to the families and friends of victims.

Those That Are Living

The above statistics are just as relevant to the families and friends of drunk drivers. DUI manslaughter is a felony in The State of Florida that carries a minimum 4-year prison sentence for those convicted, and the families of victims will be pushing for the maximum sentencing possible. Additionally, those that are convicted will have their driver’s license revoked for life. None of this can adequately account for the emotional toll that comes with having been a part of someone’s death. The decisions that lead someone who has been drinking to get behind the wheel of a car and attempt to drive home can seem minuscule and harmless, but the consequences of this act can last a lifetime.

A single car crash can cause a ripple effect that impacts drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and countless others. The punishment for DUI manslaughter varies depending on the charges and can be incredibly severe, but such a tragic event need not rob someone of their entire future. Those accused of DUI manslaughter need aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced defense to avoid criminal charges. If you’ve been arrested for DUI manslaughter, please contact a manslaughter defense lawyer in Tampa immediately.

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