Luck of the Irish? Be Safe This St. Paddy’s Day

If you’re planning on driving March 17th, you better steer clear of the green beer. St. Patrick’s Day, a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, has become an extremely popular cultural holiday in the United States. Many people love to dress in green, go to a parade, or wear a “kiss me I’m Irish” button. Many also like to indulge in a few drinks at an Irish pub as well. Whether it’s an Irish car bomb, a glass of Jameson, or a pint of Guinness, if you are of the legal age to drink, it’s fine to celebrate the holiday as long as you drink and act responsibly.

Weekend Shenanigans

In 2018, the holiday falls on a Saturday meaning many lad and lassies will be spending Friday afternoon through Sunday celebrating. If you drink and drive, there won’t be a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. However, there might be a DUI checkpoint or a paddywagon ready to give you a lift. You don’t want to spend the weekend locked up and you don’t want to need the services of a DUI lawyer in Tampa either.

Law Enforcement Tactics

Because St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest days on the roadways, the police will be ready to arrest motorists in violation of the law. One way the authorities stop drunk drivers is by setting up DUI checkpoints. In fact, these traffic stops will be set up all over the nation. Last year in the Tampa Bay area, the St. Petersburg Police and Florida Highway Patrol worked together to stop drunk drivers in an objective they called “Wolf Pack Saturation Patrol.” Instead of relying on DUI checkpoints to nab over-the-limit motorists, the police patrolled more city roads and interstates to lookout for drivers under the influence.

Drink Responsibly

With law enforcement expected to be patrolling the entire Tampa Bay area, it’s important to drink responsibly. If you want to partake in the Irish tradition, please have a designated driver or order an Uber. You never want to be speaking with a DUI defense attorney in Tampa; however, if you need the services of a DUI lawyer in Tampa, the Rickman Law Firm is here to answer any questions you may have.

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