Keeping Your Teens Out of Jail

Raising kids is not an easy task. As your children get older and become teenagers, they will start to experiment and test the limits of their new-found freedom. In many cases, this causes them to travel down the wrong path and enter a life of crime. Your kids are still figuring things out in their teens, but if they commit a serious crime or repeatedly engage in minor criminal activities, they could be taken away from you.

If you’re currently dealing with a teenager who you know is breaking the law, consult a criminal defense attorney in Tampa to see how you can best protect your teenager from jail time. The first step to preventing your child from getting in trouble is recognizing the most common teenage crimes so you can counteract them before things get out of hand.


Theft and larceny are common crimes that typically involve actions such as shoplifting, stealing an item of relatively little value, or pickpocketing/purse snatching. If you notice that your teen is in possession of something you didn’t purchase for them, there’s a good chance that they stole the item.


Vandalism includes tagging walls or buildings with graffiti, drawing on public areas such as restroom walls, or scratching a car with a key. Do you know where your child is at night? In many cases, vandalism takes place in the middle of the night while you are asleep.

Alcohol Offenses

When you think about alcohol-related offenses, you typically think of disorderly conduct and driving while under the influence; however, these types of crimes are commonly committed by teenagers, too. Some examples of alcohol offenses include underage purchase or possession of alcohol as well as consumption, distribution, or possession of an open container in public.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct charges can be assessed for an array of reasons. Typically, disorderly conduct charges are a result of fighting in a public place, such as the schoolyard, shouting expletives at a school official, or exposing oneself in an inappropriate way such as flashing, mooning, or other forms of indecent exposure.

Simple Assault or Battery

Some of the most common crimes our criminal defense law firm in Tampa take on include simple assault or battery. Generally, when teenagers commit this crime, they are bullying other students with too much physical aggression or escalating fights with parents to the point of violence. Unfortunately, even if your child doesn’t have bad intentions, they can be accosted for putting their hands on another person.

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