How Can I Limit the Impact of a Sex Crime Accusation on My Life?

Being accused of a sex crime can have a serious and lasting impact on your life. Even if you were falsely accused, the accusation itself can permanently damage your reputation, your relationships, and your career. However, even when accused so harshly, you are entitled to your rights in the legal system. It is imperative that you take immediate action to help protect yourself and limit the impact of a sex crime accusation on your life.

What Sex Crimes Charges Can Be Brought In Florida?

In Florida, a sex crime accusation could be for sexual assault and battery, child pornography, or any sexual act, conduct, or performance with a child, sex with a minor, also defined as statutory rape, prostitution and solicitations, or lascivious acts and indecent exposure of sexual organs. These crimes are considered far more harshly when a minor is directly involved.

Each of these sex crimes is taken very seriously in the legal process and could negatively impact your life without the proper strategy and guidance. The majority of these crimes are considered felonies and can come with the consequences of fines or imprisonment. In addition, it can result in a lifetime addition to the sex offender registry. Even an accusation is serious enough to severely damage your reputation, relationships, and career. Nevertheless, there are methods of limiting the impact of one of these accusations.

Maintain Your Privacy and Keep a Low Profile

The first step to take if you are accused of a sex crime is to avoid contact with the plaintiff. Anything that you say and do can and will be used against you during the investigation and, if relevant, trial. In the preliminary stages after a sex crime accusation, an investigative office will most likely reach out asking to speak with you attempting to elicit criminalizing information. However, you should not speak to the police without hiring and consulting your Tampa federal criminal defense lawyer first.

In immediately seeking legal counsel, you are taking steps to actively protect yourself and build a strengthened defense. The Rickman Law Firm’s highly-knowledgeable, highly skilled, and aggressive attorneys will fight for you and protect your rights.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

The next step is to hire an experienced attorney. When you are facing a sex crime accusation, it is vital to have the expertise and representation of someone who is highly familiar with the criminal justice legal process. They can offer insight and counsel regarding the implications of evidence already gathered. In addition, they will have the resources and knowledge to begin crafting an effective, aggressive strategy for your defense.

The attorney you hire should have relevant and successful experience in trial with your case. For example, if you are being accused of sexual battery, you must hire a Tampa sexual battery lawyer. You will have a better defense system, be able to promote your innocence, and either lessen or avoid the consequences with professional and expert representation. You do not have to attempt to navigate the legal process after a sex crime accusation by yourself, allow yourself to be passionately protected.

Gather Evidence To Support Your Defense

A clear way to help limit the impact of a sex crime accusation on your life is to immediately begin gathering evidence that could support your defense claim. You will be familiar with the reasons why you should be ruled innocent. With enough valid, exculpatory evidence supporting your claim, there is a chance that your case may be dismissed. Some of the potential evidence that could be gathered to support your innocence could be photographs or videos gathered from electronic surveillance, any material evidence that could be tested for DNA samples, reports or statements from informants, alibis, and witnesses. 

In addition, the prosecution is required to disclose the evidence that they have gathered for the defense to inspect, test, and record within 15 days of filing the Notice of Discovery of evidence. This is an important step in the legal process because it will allow you and your attorney to register and comprehend the gravity and implications of the evidence and your accusation. It will allow your defense team to materialize the strategy and next steps comparing the evidence that you have gathered versus the evidence that the prosecution has. Will you have to consider alternate options to limit the accusation’s impact? Will you be able to strongly support your case without seeking out alternatives?

Let Us Aggressively Fight For You To Reduce the Impact of a Sex Crime Accusation

You must be proactive in taking the necessary steps to limit the dire impact and consequences of a sex crime on your life. With The Rickman Law Firm, you can be assured that our attorneys will utilize every resource possible to fight for your rights, your justice, and your innocence. With over a decade of experience in successfully navigating complex and serious criminal defense charges, our Tampa federal criminal defense lawyers are ready to equip you with the tools, strategies, and confidence in your defense against your sex crime accusation.

Our law firm is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the highest quality legal representation and counsel. The Rickman Law Firm prides itself on its aggressive approach towards difficult cases, as well as its success in helping people just like you get the justice that they deserve. For your free consultation with the best sex crime and sexual battery lawyer in Tampa, fill out our consultation form or call The Rickman Law Firm any time today at 813-999-0502.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.


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