Everything You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from Florida Sex Crime Stings

Sex crimes are one of the most vigorously punished in Florida and carry some of the most stringent and long-lasting penalties compared to other crimes in the state. With the police resorting to techniques like sting operations to uncover sex crimes, instances of innocent individuals getting entangled in aggressive police action are also on the rise.

This has urged many to start questioning sex crime sting operations in Florida, and these doubts are best answered by a skilled Tampa defense attorney. Here is everything you need to know about Florida sex crime stings compiled by experts at The Rickman Law Firm.

What Is a Sex Crime?

The state of Florida encompasses the following acts as a sex crime – any aggravated act of sexual misconduct, sexual battery, incest, lewd and lascivious offenses, prostitution, and child pornography. Considered one of the most serious and harshly punishable crimes in the state, being charged with a sex crime demands registration as a sex offender, among other penalties. 

If you are charged with the offense of a sex crime under a Florida statute, you will need immediate expert help from a Tampa defense attorney to fight your case – one who is both knowledgeable and highly experienced. Sex crime cases are complicated and demand a tenacious lawyer who can investigate all available legal avenues to clear your name.

Are Sex Crime Stings in Florida Even Legal?

Any sex crime can be criminally investigated either at the request of the alleged victim before authorities or during a sting operation carried out by law enforcement officers. This means sex crime stings are absolutely legal in Florida. As part of the sting operation, officers may tap phone lines, confiscate and investigate other electronic devices, and even pose as undercover agents. 

There are several pointers that any accused sex offender must remember. For one, while law enforcement authorities in Florida are allowed to conduct sex crime sting operations, they are barred from promoting illegal activities to entice people into committing offenses that they may have otherwise not engaged in. And, the complexity of Florida sex crime laws is such that their nuances can be understood only by an experienced Tampa defense attorney.

Fighting Back the Charges of a Sex Crime Sting Operation in Florida

The worst that can happen in case you are facing charges in a sex crime sting operation is showing up unprepared to court. Most of the accused are completely or partly ignorant of their rights, legal nuances, and precise court procedures. This has a key bearing on the case, often leading them to lose it for lack of knowledge and tact.  

Considering how sensitive such cases can be, and how they are commonly associated with social stigma, biased media opinion, and challenges at the workplace, it is best advised to get in touch with a leading Tampa defense lawyer to fight back sex crime charges. 

Whether you feel like you have wrongfully fallen prey to misleading tactics or entrapment in a sex crime sting operation, or that there is strong reason to absolve you from the accusations, an experienced Tampa defense lawyer can help you fight back the charges effectively.

Get Help from the Best Tampa Defense Lawyer: The Rickman Law Firm

At The Rickman Law Firm, we are proud to have the best criminal defense attorney in Tampa and beyond. 

Our veteran Tampa defense lawyer guarantees smooth navigation through the subtleties of Florida’s already complex sex offense legislation. While remaining discrete in our methods and considerate of your position, we can assure defense methods that safeguard you from unauthorized search, questioning, and entrapment through careful examination and cross-checks. 

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.


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