DUI Lawyer in Tampa

If a police officer suspects that you are driving your car while intoxicated, you will be arrested and face charges of driving under the influence (DUI). This situation can be scary and you may think your life is ruined. However, being charged with a DUI is not the same as being convicted of a DUI. If you are facing a DUI charge, it’s important that you move quickly to lessen the likelihood of a conviction or to minimize any penalties you may end up facing.

DUI Consequences

A DUI charge should always be taken seriously due to the mandatory penalties carried in the state of Florida. A conviction can range from hefty fines, jail time, probation, and license suspension or revocation. Additionally, your vehicle may be immobilized or you may be required to install an ignition interlock device. You may either lose insurance coverage or your rates will rise significantly. Participation in a DUI education program or community service may be required. You will also be stuck with a criminal record that will show up in background checks.

A DUI Attorney in Tampa is Critical

Although the consequences of a DUI are intimidating, you can fight the charge. With an experienced DUI attorney in Tampa in your corner, you can have these charges dropped or reduced. The Rickman Law Firm has an excellent track record of representing clients with DUI charges and has tried numerous cases before juries. Mr. Rickman’s no-nonsense approach to arguing motions has led to favorable outcomes in favor of his clients. Mr. Rickman is a top-rated Florida DUI Lawyer and has served as a DUI prosecutor—your case is safe in his hands.

Defenses for a DUI Charge

Hiring an aggressive DUI lawyer in Tampa will increase your chances of successfully fighting a DUI charge. Mr. Rickman will examine evidence in three primary areas: the traffic stop, the field sobriety test, and the breath test. Other factors that will be analyzed are:

  • – If there was a valid reason for you being stopped by the officer
  • – If you were properly read your Miranda Rights
  • – If the versions of the stories are consistent between all parties involved
  • – If the police officer misunderstood or misinterpreted your statements

Each of the above areas will be evaluated in great detail in every client’s case. If you are concerned about your encounter with an officer and would like to move forward with a free consultation, do not hesitate to give Mr. Rickman a call.

For a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer in Tampa, please contact The Rickman Law Firm at (813) 712-8736 or submit our contact request form.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute legal advice, is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice for your specific factual pattern or situation.

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