Assault and Battery Defense Attorney in Tampa

Assault or battery are typically used together to discuss related crimes. However, in Florida, the two are different offenses that can be defined separately.

What is Assault?

An assault is a threat in the form of words, a gesture, or intimidating act of harm to a person. A case of assault is established when it is confirmed that there was intent to commit a violent act, there was ample opportunity to commit the act at the time of the threat, and the threat of the act caused the victim to fear imminent harm. Types of assault include simple assault, aggravated assault, and felony assault. The severity and penalties for each are determined by elements including the use of a weapon, the intent to kill, and if the assault was against an official such as a police officer. Penalties range from 60 days to five years in prison, from six months to five years of probation, and between $500-$5000 in fines.

What is Battery?

A battery is the unlawful physical harming of another person against their will or consent. A battery case can be established if it is proven that a victim was intentionally touched or struck in an attempt to cause serious bodily harm. Types of battery includes simple/misdemeanor battery, aggravated battery, and felony battery. Penalties range from one to 15 years in prison, one to 15 years of probation, and between $1000-$10,000 in fines. Penalties are assessed based on the severity of the crime.

Consult With an Assault and Battery Lawyer in Tampa

Elements such as the presence of a deadly weapon or the death of a victim can impact the type of charge you receive, the prison sentence, the amount of probation given, and the fines you will have to pay. This is why an assault and battery attorney in Tampa is critical for creating a solid defense to help you prove:

  • That you acted in self defense
  • That the harm to the alleged victim was unintentional/accidental
  • The alleged victim was equally and willingly engaged in combative behavior
  • That you were “standing your ground,” meaning you were not engaged in a criminal activity, yet had a right to protect yourself against someone who was attacking you

If you have been accused of assault or battery it is important to contact Anthony Rickman, an experienced trial attorney, to fight against these accusations.

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The Client was charged with domestic battery by strangulation and battery domestic violence. The alleged victim did not wish that the Client be prosecuted however the state proceeded with charging the client after his arrest
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The Client was charged with Battery. The State entered a Nolle Prosse on the Charges.
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The Client was arrested and charged with Burglary in Pasco County. The Client was not convicted.
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