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If you have been charged with Trafficking in an illegal substance or possessing an illegal substance and the weight of that substance exceeds a specified amount you do face the potential of serving a minimum mandatory sentence in Florida State Prison. If convicted of trafficking a Court is required to sentence you to mandatory prison even if you have no… Continue reading

To Catch a Preditor

“To Catch a Predator?” Entrapment in “Traveling to Meet a Minor” Cases

We have all seen the TV shows and heard the news reports of people being arrested in sting operations designed the catch adults using the internet to meet minors for sex. What we don’t see is what happened before that person arrived at the residence. Often times it… Continue reading

Mandatory rerporitng of child abuse

Florida’s New Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Law: “Penn State Law”

In response to the events at Penn State University the Florida Legislature passed the “Protection of Vulnerable Persons Law”. This new law currently in effect in the State of Florida requires any person who has knowledge of or suspects that any child is being abandoned, neglected or abused (physically,… Continue reading